FG Lab means Forest Genetics Laboratory. However, this is not a blog about forest genetics…

This is my first try to establish a blog. I teach Forest Genetics but the posts of this blog will not be about forest genetics only. Genetics and evolution will have their share, but nature conservation, management, even issues on environmental policy and life quality will be addressed here. I will post and share articles about the way science interacts with society, the effectiveness of academic institutions and teaching, the future of research and academic publishing, the dissemination and use of scientific results. Finally, this blog will be about people who make science, read science and come in contact with science.

The Forest Genetics Laboratory is a small lab that belongs to a small Forestry Faculty (Democritus University of Thrace), located in a small and remote area in the NE of Greece. People who write in this blog are colleagues or students that are somehow connected with the FG Lab. I am the chair of the lab and I will start posting most of the stories here.

I have the ambition to make this blog an interesting place to visit and a forum of exchange of ideas. I believe in open science and the interconnection of scientific fields. There will be links to our work and data in the FG Lab, other interesting scientific results, news and announcements. Comments, suggestions, critique are highly welcome.

Aristotelis C. Papageorgiou


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