Ancient Forests in the Northern Mediterranean. A new WWF report

Posted: 06/04/2013 by arilab in General, Science we read
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WWF France released the report “Ancient Forests in the Northern Mediterranean: Neglected High Conservation Value Areas”, by Mansourian, S., Rossi, M. and Vallauri, D.

The report is available to download here:

Mediterranean forests is an ecoregion characterized as priority for conservation for several reasons. This report approaches the so-called “ancient forests”, a category of forest ecosystems that are partially covered by existing legislation and protection status, but not yet documented and described as such. There is a definition for “ancient forest” in the report:

“a general, relatively loose term to signify those forests that exhibit a number of fundamental forest ecological qualities, including ancientness but also complex structures, presence of deadwood, diversity of species and habitats, evidence of disturbance etc.”

Worth reading!


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