The Amsterdam Manifesto on Data Citation Principles

Posted: 22/03/2013 by arilab in General, Opinions
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A short text explaining why data should be citable and how to do it. This manifesto was conducted during the ‘Beyond the PDF’ conference in Amsterdam, 20 March 2013 (more info on the conference here: Sign this manifesto if you agree and spread it!

The Amsterdam Manifesto on Data Citation Principles


We wish to promote best practice in data citation, to facilitate access to data sets, and to enable attribution and reward for those who publish data. To that end, we propose:

1. Data should be considered citable products of research.

2. Such data should be held in persistent public repositories.

3. If a publication is based on data not included in the text, those data should be cited in the publication.

4. A data citation in a publication should resemble a bibliographic citation.

5. A data citation should include a unique persistent identifier (a DataCite DOI recommended, unless other persistent identifiers are in use within the community).

6. The identifier should resolve to provide either direct access to the data or information on accessibility.

7. If data citation supports versioning of the data set, it should provide a method to access all the versions.

8. Data citation should support attribution of credit to all contributors.

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Sign and Share

We invite you to read the Manifesto and sign it, if you wish to show your support.

We also invite you to share this site [url website] with your contacts, colleagues and friends.


This Manifesto has been produced within the context of the ‘Beyond the PDF’ conference in Amsterdam, 20 March 2013.

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