A nice review on open access and social media in scientific publishing

Posted: 25/02/2013 by arilab in General, Opinions
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Open access and social media

by Toma Susi

Abstract: The push for open access publishing gained significant momentum in 2012. The shift to open access is not only justified and necessary, but as a bonus also seems to enhance the impact of published research. This has big implications not only for individual researchers, but also journals and research universities via pre-existing ranking systems.

Another recent development is the increasing popularity of social media. It’s adept use is becoming an integral part of science outreach. In addition, it seems that such activity can directly influence the number of article downloads and citations, although more studies are needed to ascertain this effect.

Presenter: Toma Susi received his doctorate in nanomaterials research from Aalto SCI in June 2011. He has spent the past year actively building a social media presence and advocating for open access.



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