English through Climate Change

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This book presents a number of articles about climate change that can be used to teach English as a foreign language using the relevant scientific terminology. Besides the obvious goal of this edition to provide a tool for learning proper English, this book includes interesting articles about climate change at the political and social level. A must read!

English through Climate Change. A Publication of the Department of Forestry and Management of the Environment and Natural Resources, Democritus University of Thrace
Editors: Walter Leal Filho and Evangelos Manolas

Click to access english_through_climate_change.pdf


The Challenge of Climate Change: Walter Leal Filho and Evangelos Manolas
Psychology and Climate Change: Christian A. Klöckner, Silke Leismann and Sunita Prugsamatz
Climate Change and Marine Ecosystems: Konstantinos Kougias
Knowledge and Awareness about Climate Change around the World and its Impacts on Natural and Human Systems: Dieter Gross
Integrated Assessment of Climate Policy Instruments: Stelios Grafakos, Vlasis Oikonomou, Dimitrios Zevgolis and Alexandros Flamos
Climate Change and Wood Production Strategies: Abiodun Oluwafemi Oluwadare.
Climate Change Adaptation: Geoff O’Brien
Adaptation is not enough: Why Insurers Need Climate Change Mitigation: Liam Phelan, Susan Harwood, Ann Henderson-Sellers and Ros Taplin
The Experience of Cap-and-Trade Programs: Julien Chevallier
An Overview of the Climate Refugees’ Issues and Scenario: Maria Sakellari and Constantina Skanavis
Addressing the Impacts of Climate Change in a Caribbean Small Island Developing State: Franziska Mannke
Adaptation and Governance in Transboundary Water Management: Jos G. Timmerman
Climate Change: A Challenge for Ethics: Evangelos Protopapadakis


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