Promitheus tree, the oldest individual on earth

Posted: 24/01/2013 by arilab in Science we read
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Coring a tree_Dan GriffinPromitheus tree, the oldest individual on earth

After a nearly 5,000-year vigil upon a Nevada mountaintop, an ancient tree now finds its home in the UA Laboratory of Tree-Ring Research. A member of the long-lived Bristlecone pine species, the tree called Prometheus is the oldest individual ever known to have lived. Its age was not accurately known until a few years ago.

  1. amaryllisvidalis says:

    There is one more tree that “claims” the same title… The published story has been very much doubted though… For many reasons…
    Now that I am in Sweden I am planning to have a closer look on that one 😉

    • arilab says:

      Στην Ελλάδα θα το έκαιγαν για καυσόξυλα…. Interesting story. I ll check other sources and we will discuss it.

  2. amaryllisvidalis says:

    Αφου ολοι βγαίνουν με ενα δεντρο ως το αρχαιότερο…. Δε μπορουμε να κανουμε κι εμεις το ίδιο?? Τι τα εχουμε τα ρεφιουτζια??

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