Patterns of cpDNA diversity within a beech refugial area

Posted: 21/01/2013 by arilab in Science we create
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by Theodoros Mouratidis, Seraphim Hatziskakis, Nicolas George Eliades, Ioannis Tsiripidis, Reiner Finkeldey, Aristotelis C. Papageorgiou

This study aims at the description of beech postglacial movement within a mountain. The selected mountain Paggeo is isolated, while beech forms an altitudinal continuum for more than 1000m. Previous genetic studies have indicated the possible presence of a glacial refugium in the broader region. Seven sub-populations were sampled, in order to describe the structure of this refugial population. Three cpDNA microsatellite primer pairs were used. A high variety of haplotypes and a significant differentiation among sub-populations was detected. The results indicate that besides the refugial lineage on the north side of the mountain, two additional beech lineages have arrived from other refugia and occupied specific locations.

Poster presented at the International Conference “Hot Spots of Ancient and Present genetic Diversity”, 17 – 20 June 2009, Sofia Bulgaria.

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